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Best to use a pick ax to get as many.

May 23, You can rent an engine hoist fairly inexpensively and many places will rent you the trailer as well. This approach can take the back breaking work out of the. Effectively prevent boxwood re-growth and kill the roots without physically removing them by applying a herbicide to the boxwood shrub stump.

Cut the boxwood stump as close to the soil surface as. Remove the dead shrub by cutting off the main trunk close to the ground since you cannot dig it out. Throw some fresh compost or garden "topper" over the stump. The one next to it will grow branches in over the tiny stump.

Take a nice green clipping and some photos to the local nursery to find out what the remaining shrubs are.

Jun 29, Selective Pruning of Boxwood Use a sharp pair of bypass hand pruners to selectively remove stray, damaged or dead branches. Make your cut at a point along the branch just above the main form of the plant. Remove dead branches to a point a couple inches below their point of origin.

can you root fig tree cuttings in water, Winter Park FL

Apr 21, rob has the right idea if you can get your truck to them. chain them and pull a little tension on them. then take an axe or pick to the roots on the back side. them pull again. repeat with the tension and axe if the they are very large or the soil is compacted. boxwoods are fairly easy to remove. i used this method to remove a ft silver maple.

it took several chops and pulls, but it took less than

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