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Elfers FL Apr 22, Overwatering – If your lemon tree is dropping leaves, another common reason may be overwatering. When roots of the tree sit in water, they have a tendency to develop root rot, which in turn results in the lemon tree dropping leaves.

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Mulch around the root area, minimize irrigation, plant in well draining soil, and keep grass away from the base of the tree to avoid root rot and its accompanying problems. Nutritional Deficiencies Causing Lemon Tree Leaf Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Jul 17, Low light levels area common reason for leaf drop and sometimes shoots may die back.

The plant should be placed in a position where it receives the brightest light. Any shoots that have died should be pruned back to healthy wood. Sudden temperature changes or low temperatures can result in the loss of leaves.

Phytophthora, a soil-borne fungus, causes root and foot rot of limes.

This is more likely to occur in bushclean.pwg: Elfers FL. Jan 14, Improper watering or poor soil drainage around the Key lime's roots can contribute to a lime tree losing leaves.

Over-watering is a common cause of Key lime leaf yellowing and drop Missing: Elfers FL. Jun 29, Leaf miners, scale, citrus mites, and aphids are the most common pests of a lime tree. Leaf miner – The leaf miner attacks new growth on the lime tree. As far as lime tree pests go, they cause a lot of damage to new developing leaves. They leave trails on the leaves that cause a distortion to the leaf shape as well as stunted growth of the bushclean.pwg: Elfers FL.

Most leaf drop in limes is due to water issues. Too much water, your lime tree is dropping leaves. Not enough, your lime tree is dropping leaves. Find out other reasons and how to fix lime tree leaf drop Missing: Elfers FL.

Sep 13, When the tree drops leaves due to high heat or water stress, as long as conditions return to normal, the tree will start to grow new leaves within a couple of bushclean.pwg: Elfers FL.

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